Musical Styles And Descriptions

Please Note: All Musical Descriptions & Listing
are Subjective as well as Subject to Error

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B-RKR Black Rocker
BGR Bluegrass with Vocal
BLUES Traditional Blues
BOP Country Bopper
BVG Black Vocal Group - Doowop
C&W Country or Country & Western
FOLK Folk Music
FOR Foreign Language
FVG Female Vocal Group
GAR Garage Band
GIRLS 1960's Girl Group
GOS Gospel - Rhythm & Blues
IN-BGR Bluegrass Instrumental
IN-C&W Country & Western Instrumental
IN-FK Funk Instrumental
IN-GAR Garage Instrumental
IN-JAZ Jazz Instrumental
IN-POL Polka Instrumental
IN-R&R Rock & Roll Instrumental
IN-RAB Rockabilly Instrumental
IN-SURF Surf Instrumental
INST Popular Instrumental
NA Not Available - No Info
NAR Narration - Spoken Word
NOV Novelty - Comedy
POL Polka
POP Popular - Easy Listening
PSY Psychedelic
PUNK Punk Vocals
R&B Rhythm & Blues
R&R Rock and Roll
RAB Rockabilly
RAP Rap Vocals
RKR Rocker
ROCK Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
SAC Sacred - Country
SURF Surf Style Vocal
TECH Techno Vocals
TEEN Teen Vocal
WVG White Vocal Group - Doowop
XMAS Christmas Song