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Co-Day Columbus, OH Chad Baugess (?)
Chamberhouse Akron, OH Chambermen Coventry Productions
Stardust 1206 W. St. Joseph Street Perryville, MO Chandos McRill Starday Custom
Okie 5235 Oakley Avenue Hammond, IN Charles "Okie" Thurston
Burke Dayton, OH Charles Burke Strictly Guitars
Jet 5234 E. 69th Street Indianapolis, IN Charles E. Howard
Westwood (TN) 125 Taylor Street Jackson, TN Charles F. Roach
CFP Tampa, FL Charles Fuller Productions
New Day (Toledo) 2821 A Street Toledo, OH Charles Phoenix (?)
Rush Greenville, SC Charles Rush
Key Greenville, SC Charles Rush, General Manager A Division Of Mojay Enterprises Inc.
Bubbles Cincinnati, OH Charles Spurling
Cha-Tok 8325 Joy Road Detroit, MI Charles Stokes Master Recording Studio
Petcol Detroit, MI Charley Bannister (?)
Colvin Birmingham, AL Charlie Colvin
Fan Indianapolis, IN Charlie Gore
Pilgram Wonders 617 Cass S.E. Grand Rapids, MI Charlie Jones
Dessa Newport News, VA Charlie McClendon C.M.C. Studio
S Green Newport News, VA Charlie McClendon C.M.C. Studio
SST Newport News, VA Charlie McClendon C. McClendon Studio
Tram Rochester, NY Charlie Tramell
Green River 2836 May Street Cincinnati, OH Chet Thompson (?)
Chicks 4239 Lee Avenue St. Louis, MO Chick Finney
Cherry (CT) Hartford, CT Chime Recording Studios Also see Rock-A-Bye
Rock-A-Bye Hartford, CT Chime Recording Studios Also see Cherry (CT)
China White (no info), OH China White
Miracle (GA) (no info), GA Chuck Coffey (?)
CLC Detroit (?), MI Chuck Cole
Rene (PA) 209 Como Ave. Canonsburg, PA Chuck Edwards Also see Punch
Chuck Garner 1366 E. Forest Ave. East Point, GA Chuck Garner Druid BMI
Kim Columbus, OH Chuck Howard (?)
House Of Good Music Parkersburg, WV Chuck Leary
Southern Cross Lexington, KY Chuck Owston
Frolic 17 N. St. Clair St. Dayton, OH Chuck Rogers
Zimway 1143 Diana Ave. Miamisburg, OH Chuck Zimmerman
Joy Box 22 Waverly, OH Clarence Felty
Heavens Moncks Corner, SC Clarence Jackson's Ent.
Bango 1906 Clements St. Detroit, MI Clarence L. and Rose E. Blair Blair's Music BMI
Also see Fine Arts
Faith (IN) Bloomington, IN Clark Pierson (?) Honey BMI
Claudra Marion, IN Claud J. Nash, Sr.
Barclay Orwigsburg, PA Clay Barclay
Anna May Johnson London, OH Clay Eager Also see Karl Records
Clay Eager Springfield, OH Clay Eager Also see Karl Records
Coda Springfield, OH Clay Eager Eager-Wood, Also see Karl
Crawford Bros London, OH Clay Eager Also see Karl Records
Karl London, OH Clay Eager Eager-Wood Productions
Sunny-Lee London, OH Clay Eager Also see Karl Records
Bell (TX) 1110 So. 17th St. Temple, TX Clayton Bell, Sr.
Prix 921 East Broad Street Columbus, OH Clem Price, Jr. Harmonic Sounds, Inc.
Cleveland Robinson Sings Cleveland, OH Cleveland Robinson
Debra 9810 Newton Avenue Cleveland, OH Cleveland Robinson Affiliated with Warwick
Nosnibor 12428 B St. Clair Cleveland, OH Cleveland Robinson Later Address: 3919 East 131st St.
Trumpet PO Box 62 Atlanta, GA Cleveland Warnock (?)
Lincoln 3434 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN Cliff Ayers
Carnival 3434 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN Cliff Ayers (?) Also as Carnaval
M erald 1312 Huestis Street Bldg. Fort Wayne, IN Cliff Ayers (?) Continued from Emerald
Emerald 933 Nuttman Avenue Fort Wayne, IN Cliff Ayers Ostermeyer All releases from Ft. Wayne, IN
Donna 13500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland, OH Cliff Kroening Recording Div., Kroening Assoc., Inc.
Nash Cincinnati, OH Cliff Nash
Zipp 1492 S. Main Street Akron, OH Cliff Rodgers
McClain (no info), Clifford McClain
Amp 306 3rd Street Columbus, IN Cloyd Hinkle
KYVA Whitesburg, KY Clyde Varney (?) Radio KYVA
Later from Grundy, VA
Scott Cincinnati, OH Coffey Family Also recorded for Arvis
Al-Fang Portsmouth, OH Cokie Caudill
Huber PO Box 62 Cincinnati, OH Col. Justin Huber
Colsam 310 Ft. Hood Rd. Killeen, TX Col. Sam Lillibridge Also see Legend
Dess PO Box 574 Wilmington, OH Col. Sam Sayler Continued on Dessco
Dessco 1632 Humphrey Avenue Dayton, OH Col. Sam Sayler Continued from Dess
Tags Wilmington, OH Col. Sam Sayler Moved to Dayton, OH
Afilliated with Dess
Deacon Blakely Columbia, SC Columbia World Of Music Afilliated with Columbia World of Music
Redi-Soul 4521 Natural Bridge St. Louis, MO Columbus Gregory
CLB 2329 Ohio Street Gary, IN Columbus L. Banks
Rambo IV 622 Secor Rd. Toledo, OH Connie Mierzwiak (?) Also see Elmor, Town And Country
Cousin Johnny Charleston, WV Cousin Johnny Simpson (?)
Light Of Life 23 South "B" Street Hamilton, OH Curtis Ramsey Light of Life Studio
CY PO Box 955 Mobile, AL Cy Cain
DC Recording (IN) 1060 Spann Ave. Indianapolis, IN D. C. Mullins Also see DC Recording (KY)
DC Recording (KY) Creekville, KY D. C. Mullins Also see DC Recording (IN)
Keet Indianapolis, IN D. Keeton
R&B 937 Mathews Ave. Charleston, WV D. Malone (?) Showmen Productions
DLS Box 1243 Beckley, WV D.L. Seaman Dist. by Seafox
The Entertainers 20278 Wheeler-Green Rd. Marysville, OH Dale Arthur
Blue Onion PO Box 4273 Cleveland, OH Dale Davis
Star-Dale Route 7, Box 65 Springfield, MO Dale Davis Brave Music BMI
Starburst Cincinnati, OH Dale Wright (?)
Jodda Box 6400, Route 1 Goshen, OH Dan Johnson (?)
Wayne Albany, NY Dana Wayne
Sound Patterns Detroit, MI Danny Dallas Sound Patterns DMX
DRB Middletown (?), OH Danny R. Burton
Love 1844 Section Road Cincinnati, OH Danny Scholl
Scholl 1844 Section Road Cincinnati, OH Danny Scholl
Perry Jean Amelia, OH Darrel H. Glover
Nite Riders Worcester, MA Dave Daniels Hills Sound Service
Bonanza 1540 Brewster Ave. Cincinnati, OH Dave Farley Address Is King Records
Basic 202 Celesta Way Sellersburg, IN Dave Mathes
Accent 6533 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA Dave Obin, Scott Seely
Olshevski Box 33 Pleasant Valley, PA Dave Olshevski
Circle D Speedwell, TN Dave Owens Circle "D"
Daysel Cleveland, OH Dave Segal
Danville 23154 Crossley Hazel Park, MI David "Curly Dan" Nickel & Wilma Ann Holcomb Home Of Blue Grass
Viola PO Box 485 Barbourville, KY David & Viola Lundy Lundy Recording Studio
Westport Enterprises 3814 Washington Kansas City, MO David G. Ruf
Demo Ristic Detroit, MI David Hamilton
Singing Wonders 4273e Kennerly Ave. St. Louis, MO David Lee Jones
Azalea 2327 Ann Arbor Dallas, TX David Livingstone
eai Saginaw, MI David W. Oppermann Entertainment Associates, Inc.
Dayton Harvesters Quartet 4945 Darst Road Dayton, OH Dayton Harvesters Quartet
Redd Hedd Ross Lane Road Danville, IL Dean Carter, Arlie Miller Midnight Sound Studio
Unicom Kennan Rd. Huntsville, AL Dean Frazier Crosswind Music BMI
Karamu Cleveland, OH Debra Byrd
Renaud (no info), LA Decatur Renaud
Coral 50 West 57th Street New York, NY Decca Records Also see Brunswick, Decca
Recco Shreveport, LA Dee Marais
Murco Shreveport, LA Dee Marais & Dick Martin
A-B Sacred 1136 Dale Ave. Franklin, OH Delbert Baker
Del 1136 Dale Ave. Franklin, OH Delbert Baker Also see Dell, A-B Sacred
Dell Franklin, OH Delbert Baker (?) Also see Del
Del-Mar Dayton, OH Delmar Williams 1st Release from Kentucky then moved to Ohio
DAB Box 5598 Toledo, OH Dennis Anthony (Barthmare?)
Jordan 1510 Monroe St. Covington, KY Dennis Hensley Jordan Recording Studio
Homestead 1083 Loraine Ct. Newport, KY Dennis Hensley (?)
Blanden Detroit, MI Dennis J. Bejester (Denny Jorden) Jorden Pub. Co. BMI
R D Globe Route 1 Logan, OH Dewey Ringhiser, Mandolinist RD stands for his band, Rhythm Drifters
Twilight RD #2 Geneva, OH Dick Ales
ASR PO Box 7 Beloit, OH Dick Rutan (?) Album Sounds Recording
PIC RFD 2 Mitchell, IN Dink Burgess
Pride (no info), OH Dion Pride
Opus Bellbrook, OH Div. of A. L. R. S. Also see Vangee
Vangee Bellbrook, OH Div. of A. L. R. S. Also see Opus
SIR 8131 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH Divine Holiness Church Sound Ideas Recording
Hi-Note Toledo, OH Division of A & T Productions
Southtown Louisville, KY Division of Jam Records
Doc Cincinnati (?), OH Doc Armstrong
White Horse Madison, IN Doc Lockridge Recorded at Fultz Studio - Fairdale, KY
Wheeling 75 13th Street Wheeling, WV Doc Williams
Dolly-O 225 East Bronson St. South Bend, IN Dolly-O Curran Song-Poem
Duke 2809 Erastus St. Houston, TX Don D. Robey Parent Label: Peacock
Peacock 2809 Erastus St. Houston, TX Don D. Robey Also see Duke, Back Beat
Don E Miller Findlay, OH Don E. Miller
Rudo Box 18 Sommerville, OH Don Ford
Jerome Berwyn, IL Don Jerome (Svihla)
Echo (Middletown) 713 Yankee Road Middletown, OH Don Johnson
Toy Tiger Cincinnati, OH Don Litwin
Mo-Doc Salem, IN Don Martin Radio Ridge BMI
Radio Ridge Box 472 Salem, IN Don Martin WSLM 1220-AM
Dixie PO Box 115 Madison, TN Don Pierce Part of Starday Custom Package Deal
Faith PO Box 115 Madison, TN Don Pierce Part of Starday Custom Package Deal
Reno-Smiley Hollins, VA Don Reno And Red Smiley ?
Sunar Box 173 Brinkley, AR Don Shryock ARK Music Pub. BMI
Everett Pauley Huntington, WV Don Tucker (?) Also see Jack Kitchen
Jack Kitchen Wayne, WV Don Tucker (?) Also see Everett Pauley
Nell Cincinnati (?), OH Don Youngblood
DonBut (no info), Donald Butler
Velvet Inc Indianapolis, IN Donald Hubbard Jan Eden Recording
Capitol Star Artist 67 Chestnut Street Rochester, NY Donald L. Redanz
Mir-A-Don Louisville (?), KY Donald Waldon (?) Washington, D.C. Label ?
The Sellers Middletown, OH Donald William Sellers Method Of Piano Study
Cap-Town Columbus, OH Donn Fischer "Tellin' It Like It Is"
Donnie Lorain, OH Donnie Barden Bardonnie BMI
Knoll 16004 Euclid Ave. East Cleveland, OH Doris Knoll Georgianna Pub. BMI
Whirl Away 297 N. Main St. Memphis, TN Dorothy & Ronnie Wallace
Allegro PO Box 11371 Los Angeles, CA Dunlap J. Cawthron
C & C PO Box 11371 Los Angeles, CA Dunlap J. Cawthron Also see Cawthron
Cawthron 4767 Maffitt Ave. St. Louis, MO Dunlap J. Cawthron
Fairdale 12101 Goff Lane Fairdale, KY E. R. Fultz Fultz Recording Studio
Grenoble Box 821, Hilltop Station Columbus, OH E. R. Graham
Radio Artist 811 Race St. Cincinnati, OH E.T. "Bucky" Herzog Herzog Studio
Forester 907 Walnut Street Martins Ferry, OH E.T. Harrigan Starday Custom
E And B Cincinnati, OH Earl & Betty Christian
Future Batesville, AR Earl Barton
Taylor Tone 412 E. Ormsby Ave. Louisville, KY Earl Taylor
Weatherford Quartet PO Box 3575 Akron, OH Earl Weatherford
Moonshine Charleston, WV Ed Bailes (?)
Bousman 7004 Abernathy Road Lynchburg, OH Ed Bousman
Avenue (CT) Hartford (?), CT Ed Dunham (?)
Edg-e 116 W. Crosier Street Akron, OH Ed Garrett Starday Custom
Tiretown Barberton (Akron), OH Ed Groves (?) See Tire Town Sounds
Kay (VA) PO Box 2543 Roanoke, VA Ed Love
Big Mack 7018 W. Warren Detroit, MI Ed McCoy McCoy Recording Co.
Men-Del Columbus, GA Ed Mendel
Revello Louisville, KY Eddie & Don Revell
Joyce Franklin Ave. St. Louis, MO Eddie Acon Named after his daughter
Diplomat Memphis, TN Eddie Bond Afilliated with Fernwood
ELJ (no info), Eddie Johnson (?)
Century (PA) 1429 Hawthorne St. Pittsburgh, PA Eddie Moschetti
Black Forest Columbus, OH Eddie Parker, Carl Fagain MoSoul Production
Nettus Cincinnati, OH Eddie Sutten Also see Jewel, Log Cabin, Teen
Eddy Bailes Red Hill Road Parkersburg, WV Eddy Bailes Also see BJ
Kandun Columbus, OH Eddy Parker - Roy Hoover (?) Also see Mo-Soul
Mo-Soul Columbus, OH Eddy Parker - Roy Hoover (?) Also see Kandun
Pier-Wats 815 South 37th Street Louisville, KY Eddy Pierce, James Watson
3M Dayton, OH Edward Early (?)
Band Cincinnati, OH Edward H. Labunski
Sowa Cleveland, OH Edward J. Sowa
John A Epling Gallipolis, OH Edward L. Buchanan Buchanan Recording and Sound
QCA 2832 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH Edward R. Bosken QCA Recording Studio House Label
QCA Rejoice 2832 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH Edward R. Bosken QCA Records Gospel Label
Gay Rt No. 3, Box 92B Fairmont, WV Edwin (Bud) Vangilder
Waves Of Faith Box 331 Georgetown, KY Elijah H. McFarland Rusty York Music BMI
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