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Piedmont Recordings Lexington, NC Recorded by Piedmont Recordings
Briggs Ashland, OH Virgil Briggs Recorded by Quentin Welty, B-W
Rosette 903 Park St. Prospect, OH Recorded In Nashville
Co-Jo Ashland, KY Mike & Joe Hicks Recorded Redwood City
Donna 13500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland, OH Cliff Kroening Recording Div., Kroening Assoc., Inc.
Mus-I-Col 780 Oakland Park Columbus, OH John Hull Recording Studio & Pressing Plant
Big Scott 9232 Race St. Denver, CO James C. Scott, Sr. Red Rock Music BMI
Carrie 9846 12th Street Detroit, MI Rev. James Hendrix Renamed LaBeat in January 1966
Songs Of Pentecost 59 Stelton Rd. Xenia, OH First Pentecostal Church Rev. Bruce Brooks, Pastor
Rite 3930 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH Carl Burkhardt Rite LP Album & Custom Releases
Neuclear (no info), Alleghany Centenials (?) Rockland Music BMI
West Virginia (no info), WV Royal Crown Cola
Midas Lamar, IN Royce Dist., Oblong, IL
Ross Akron, OH Rubber City
Waves Of Faith Box 331 Georgetown, KY Elijah H. McFarland Rusty York Music BMI
PEP 713 E. Midland St. Bay City, MI Max Falcon (?) Rusty York Pub. BMI
Golden Triangle 713 E. Midland St. Bay City, MI Saginaw - Bay City - Midland
Sam Orahood 637 S. Boston St. Galion, OH Sam Orahood Sam Orahood Recording
Fountain 1640 Brewster Ave. Cincinnati, OH Bill Walters and Maurie Rose Same address as King Records
SanWayne PO Box 375 Memphis, TN Santo Music BMI
Cuca 123 Water Street Sauk City, WI James Kirchstein Sara Sound Studios, Inc.
Piper 1303 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH Schneider Recording
Timber PO Box 533 Portsmouth, OH Local DJ, Zeke Mullins Scioto Music BMI, Also see Shawnee
Shawnee PO Box 533 Portsmouth, OH Local DJ, Zeke Mullins Scioto Music BMI, Also see Timber
Sea Jay PO Box 192 New Stanton, PA Blue Diamond Co. (Joe Diamond) Sea Jay Publisher
Airtown (OH) Dayton, OH Tommy Wills See Airtown (IN) for additional listings
Airtown (IN) PO Box 973 Richmond, IN Tommy Wills See Airtown (OH) for 1st release
Continued on Juke
Terry Middletown, OH Tommy Wills, Promotions Inc. See Airtown, Gregory, Juke
Terry-Gregory Cincinnati, OH Tommy Wills See Airtown, Gregory, Juke, Terry
MOA 400 McNeil Shreveport, LA See Music Of America
Carellen PO Box 529 Holly Hills, FL Bob Quimby See National Guild, Tropical
Tiretown Barberton (Akron), OH Ed Groves (?) See Tire Town Sounds
Seven Hills Evansville, IN Seven Hills Record Corp.
Dot c/o Randy's Record Shop Gallatin, TN Randy Wood Shaw Acct. # 111
Moved to Hollywood, CA in 1956
United 5052 Cottage Grove Ave. Chicago, IL Leonard Allen Shaw Acct. # 139
States 5052 Cottage Grove Ave. Chicago, IL Leonard Allen, Subsidary of United Shaw Acct. # 205
Vee-Jay 4747 Cottage Grove Ave. Chicago, IL James Bracken, Vivian Carter Shaw Acct. # 292
Chess 750 E. 49th St. Chicago, IL Leonard & Phillip Chess Shaw Acct. # 37
Also see Checker
Checker 750 E. 49th St. Chicago, IL Leonard & Phillip Chess Shaw Acct. # 37
Also see Chess
Sun 706 Union Ave. Memphis, TN Sam C. Phillips Shaw Acct. # 72 on most early releases
Chance 1151 E. 47th St. Chicago, IL Art Sheridan Shaw Acct. # 87
Ark Cincinnati, OH Roy Shepard and Bill Lanham Sheplan Music BMI
R&B 937 Mathews Ave. Charleston, WV D. Malone (?) Showmen Productions
Pearl (KY) 802 Arlington Place Covington, KY Larry Vincent & Moe Jaffe Singer at the Lookout House, Covington, KY
Del-Fi 1610 N. Argyle Hollywood, CA Bob Keene Sister Label - Donna
Newtown Philadelphia, PA Harold B. Robinson Sixty-Six-BMI
Acid 1527 Emerson, N. W. Grand Rapids, MI Smitty's Recording Studio
Verve 451 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA Norman Granz Sold to MGM in 1961
Ballad St. Louis, MO Oscar Washington Soli Music Pub. BMI
Crescendo (NY) 340 E. 20th St. New York, NY Globe - Nashville Song-Poem
Dial (TN) PO Box 275 Nashville, TN Jim Maxwell Song-Poem
Dolly-O 225 East Bronson St. South Bend, IN Dolly-O Curran Song-Poem
Globe 420 Broad St. Nashville, TN Jim Maxwell Song-Poem
Panorama 30064 Annapolis Circle Inkster, MI Song-Poem
Tropical Box 2076 DeLand, FL Bob Quimby Song-Poem
Vale 218 N. Liberty Cherryvale, KS Globe - Nashville, TN Song-Poem
Toni Clearfield, PA Jim Hall Song-Poem ?
Belle Meade PO Box 275 Nashville, TN Jim & Glenna Maxwell Song-Poem Label
Cheswold PO Box 169 Cheswold, DE Song-Poem Label
Lectron Detroit, MI Song-Poem Label
Star-Light 1620 Edgewood Ave.
later: 40 Timmer Lane
Racine, WI Song-Poem Label
Von Washington, DC Jim Maxwell Song-Poem Label, Afilliated with Globe
Mathias Bros Trio Cincinnati (?), OH Songwriter - Rusty York
Joye Covington, KY Sonny Charles Studio
Mountaineer (KY) Ashland , KY W. C. Burchett Sound Division of Bur-K
SIR 8131 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH Divine Holiness Church Sound Ideas Recording
Tren Dell Norfolk, VA Sound O'Dell Studio
Lunar Cincinnati, OH Glenn Scott ? Sound Out Of This World
Sound Patterns Detroit, MI Danny Dallas Sound Patterns DMX
Gospel Time Hickory, NC Southern Sounds Recording Studios
Derby Town 152 Spring Street Charlestown, IN Kenny Sowder Sowder & Callahan Production
Ci-Sum 121 E. 4th St. Cincinnati, OH Spell It Backwards
Stage 4 Box 929 (Laidley St.) Charleston, WV Norbert Stovall Stage 4 Studios
Star Track 3883 E. Livingston Columbus, OH Star Track Studios
Action (TX) Mesquite, TX Jim Shell Starday Custom
Country (IN) Logansport (?), IN Starday Custom
Edg-e 116 W. Crosier Street Akron, OH Ed Garrett Starday Custom
Forester 907 Walnut Street Martins Ferry, OH E.T. Harrigan Starday Custom
Hub (no info), Starday Custom
Red Montrose, IA Starday Custom
Reo Box 545 McMinnville, TN Starday Custom
Star (FL) 1148 Oak Hill Street Lakeland, FL Starday Custom
Stardust 1206 W. St. Joseph Street Perryville, MO Chandos McRill Starday Custom
Starlite Box 348 Bel Air, MD Starday Custom
Glass City 1402 Walnut Street Toledo, OH Robert White (?) Starday Customs
The Gospel Mariners Sta. D Box 11 Dayton, OH Stars of Good Ship Zion Dayton Ohio TV Show
Be-Kay Fairfax, AL B. Emory Keith Started as B & K Records
Amway Louisville, KY Started in Sellersburg, Indiana
Rubbertown Sound 101 W. Federal Street Youngstown, OH Steel Records
The Damons Box 2346 Raleigh, NC Stephenson Recordings
Burke Dayton, OH Charles Burke Strictly Guitars
Studio 7 Smith, AL Studio 7 Recording Co.
Comet Edinburg, IN Bryant Wilson Subsidary of Adair
Tela-Star Cincinnati, OH Roy Shepard and Bill Lanham Subsidary of Ark
Atco 157 W. 57th St. New York, NY Atlantic Records Subsidary of Atlantic Records
Marlee PO Box 404 Trumansburg, NY Tom Shannon, Phil Todaro Subsidary of Corsican
Country Sound Franklin, WV John Bava Subsidary of Cozy
Pure Gold Memphis, TN Subsidary of Fernwood
Fire 271 W. 125th St. New York, NY Bobby Robinson Subsidary of Fury
Audio Lab 1538 Brewster Ave. Cincinnati, OH Sydney Nathan Subsidary of King Records
Lamp 1919 E. 52nd Street Indianapolis, IN Herb Miller Subsidary of L & M
Mag 8325 Joy Rd. Detroit, MI Ron Holmes, Charles Stokes Subsidary of Master Records
Wing 35 E. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL Irving B. Green Subsidary of Mercury Records
Kay-Gee Medical Science Bldg. Suite 21 Columbus, OH Nick Kurlas, Phil Gary Subsidary of Olimpic Records Inc.
Wand 1650 Broadway New York, NY Florence Greenberg Subsidary of Scepter Records
Challenge 6920 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA Gene Autry (and others) Subsidiary Label: Jackpot
Atlantic 301 W. 54th St. New York, NY Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson Subsidiary Labels: Atco, Cat, East-West
St Jude St. Louis, MO Emmett Carter Subsidiary of Carter Records
Kinzua Rochester, NY Subsidiary of Fine Recording Co.
Hillcrest PO Box 6 Cornelia, GA Ralph Raper Subsidiary of Jim-Sim Recording Co.
Cub 1540 Broadway New York, NY M-G-M Records Subsidiary of M-G-M
Mersey Franklin, PA Subsidiary of Process Record Co.
Jay-Sum 425 Bauer Ave. Louisville, KY Subsidiary of River City Services
Neon (KY) 1020 Main St. Benton, KY Subsidiary of Village Sound Enterprises
Modern Pop-Hit 3007 N. Franklin Ave. Flint, MI Les Emery Subsidiary of Western Chuck-Wagon Recording Co.
Broom 2145 Griffith Drive Huntsville, AL Billy Hogan Sweeping the Nation
Silver (OH) 54 Circle Drive Doylestown, OH Talbott Record Studio
Keys 146 West 54th St. New York City, NY Tannen Ent. BMI
TNT (TX) 1422 W. Poplar St. San Antonio, TX Bob Tanner Tanner 'N' Texas
Del-La Pittsburgh, PA Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
ReeFlair Detroit, MI Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
Reuben Los Angeles, CA Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
Trynorr Pittsburgh, PA Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
Varbee 628 Grant St. Pittsburgh, PA Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
Victan Pittsburgh (?), PA Odell Bailey Telldell Music BMI
Chance (OH) PO Box 1936 Cincinnati, OH Lucky Penny Production (LPPI) The Cincinnati Sound
Burlington Box 646 Elkins, WV Susie Heckel The Heckels c/o Numar, Inc.
The Martinique Daytona Beach, FL The Martinique Nite Club
TTHB 1408 East 5th St. Dayton, OH Ray Westmoreland The Tennessee Hill Boy
Tyrant Gold (no info), CT The Tynan Sound
Phart Largo, FL Titan Sound Studio
Midwestern 5960 E. Terrace Indianapolis, IN Todd-Scott Productions
Partner Indianapolis, IN Todd-Scott Productions
Bobby Jacobs Toledo, OH Toledo's Bobby Jacobs Sings
Magic McHenry, IL Tones, Inc.
Black Soul Elizabethtown, KY Triple Arts Productions
Marc PO Box 47 Medford, MA Tufts University
The Sound Of Gold
Serenade Toledo, OH Unique Music Publishers
C-A-R-S 5619 NE 49th St. Kansas City, MO Vanjo Music BMI
VIM (NY) 1619 Broadway New York, NY Variety In Music
VOTH Fairmont, WV Voice Of The Hills
Wacker Akron, OH Summit Radio Corp. WAKR 1590 AM
Split 6020 Waldway Lane Cincinnati, OH William Smith Waldway Productions
Jimmie Skinner Music Center 222 East 5th St. Cincinnati, OH Jimmie Skinner Was a great place to buy local releases!
Mir-A-Don Louisville (?), KY Donald Waldon (?) Washington, D.C. Label ?
Waterfall Morristown, TN F.D. & Max Lowe Waterfall Publishing BMI
Colyer Louisville, KY Jimmy Colyer Wesley Recording Co.
Derbytown Louisville, KY Wesley Recording Co.
Gideon 1848 W. 44th St. Cleveland, OH West Side Gospel Tabernacle
WNC Marshall, NC Western North Carolina Records
Echo (IL) West Frankfort, IL WFRX 1300 AM
Acorn 7771 Cheviot Rd Cincinnati, OH Joe Grieshop White Oak Publishing
Twilight (KY) Louisville, KY Wiederhold Records
Wife Indianapolis, IN Star Stations of Indiana WIFE AM Radio Station
Harmony Lima, OH WIMA (1150-AM)
Pamela Cincinnati, OH Win-Moore BMI
Suds Louisville, KY Falls City Brewing Company Winfield Advertising Agency
WINN Radio Louisville, KY WINN Radio 1240 AM
Cole PO Box 107 Daniels, WV With A Hot Sound
WJS Wheeling, WV WJS Recording
Wolf-Tex Box 157 Lancaster, KY Carrie Biggs Wolf City, TX moved to Lancaster, KY
Wright-Tone Rt. 1, Box 368 Elkhorn City, KY Phebel Wright Wright Record Company
Radio Ridge Box 472 Salem, IN Don Martin WSLM 1220-AM
Paro 145 Allendale Place Terre Haute, IN XL Productions, Inc.
Yolanda's Williamson, WV Yolanda Owens (?) Yolanda's Recording Studio
Rhododendron (no info), WV Yolanda's Recording Studio (?)
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