45 RPM Records of The Ohio River Valley

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This site is for information/research purposes only. The records listed here are not for sale.

The main objective of this website is to accurately document as many 45 rpm records as possible that were released on independent local labels from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia dating from the birth of the 45 rpm format in the early 1950's to the mid-1970's regardless of Musical Style. I have lived in the center of this area all my life and have sought out these local releases since the early 1970's. I have touched or owned many of the records documented and pictured in this website.

The second objective of this website is to document where and when these local 45 RPM releases were pressed. Featured are the local pressing plants of Rite Records, King Records, Shaw Records and Queen City Albums (QCA) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Recordings from other states will be included to make the discographies of these pressing plants as complete as possible. Nearly two dozen other pressing plants which pressed many of the local releases included in this database can be found on This List. More Pressing Plants have been added as accurate information has become available.

A database driven website is the only way to effectively analyze and display this large amount of information. This work was too expensive to have custom designed and coded so the project was delayed until I learned enough CSS, PHP and mySQL to do it all myself. This website is designed using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Thank you for visiting this site!

Other projects that will be developed over time include databases of Picture Sleeves, Extended Play 45's, Manufacturer's Sleeves and more. These projects will begin as the main Local Labels Database becomes more complete.

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